There are times in all peoples lives when there seems no way out, stuck in a situation or a mood which no matter how hard you try, remains the same. Colours fade & darkness clouds your mind as the infection that is depression creeps inside. Doubts arise, you question to yourself, is this really what life has in store for me? because at the time, the darkness can be so thick that you wouldn’t even be able to see your own hand in front of your face. Time passes, people change, life moves on but again, you remain feeling stuck; powerless. Depression is in fact an infection, it changes how you perceive all aspects of your life and isolates you from the people you care about or that care about you as it creates that little voice in your head. The voice that whispers “who really gives a shit? no one. what do I live for? nothing. who would care if I disappeared tomorrow?…no body.” Depression will swallow you whole and refuse to spit you back out, the only way out is to kick it’s teeth out from the inside & claw your way out of that bottomless pit. It is a fight that you & only you are able to overcome, a struggle within yourself that CAN be won when you are able to find your own light within yourself to over power the darkness.


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