Have you ever had a connection with someone, so deep, that it makes you even consider the term “soulmates”? For someone of my age & lack of life experience, I have a rather pessimistic view on the whole concept of “soulmates”, “true love” etc etc…until recently. So, what if you meet someone that appears in your life so suddenly & unexpected, flipping your whole concept over & over and makes you question to yourself…soulmates? To have a connection with someone on such a level that it can overcome so many odds that are put in its way to the point where you would do anything, ANYTHING, to just be in their presence. Obstacles; family, distance, age, experience, money…all blur into nothing when you just see their face, see their smile. A smile that melts your heart, eyes that sometimes feel they’re looking right into you, & when those 3 words are spoken, makes you feel like you could actually fly? Cheesy? I know, exactly what I would have thought when hearing that…before I met him. Before, I believed that love was just a cliché dream, concocted to make people feel better when striving to find someone to connect with. But, when you find yourself with that person constantly on your mind, counting down the hours until you can talk to them again, feeling empty every time you hang up the phone…there comes a time where even the most pessimistic have to admit; you’re in love.


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